The Red Center

You haven’t seen Australia until you’ve visited the Red Center, home to iconic Ayers Rock, the Olgas, and Alice Springs.

You’ll want to fly into Alice Springs, then proceed by road or plane to Uluru National Park, where comfortable motel accommodations are a short drive away. Ayers Rock is beautiful at any time, but most spectacular at daybreak, so be sure to plan on seeing it then.

The Olgas, to my mind, are even more beautiful than Ayers Rock. Huge, undulating mounds make for etc etc etc.

Standley Chasm

Standley Chasm

Standley Chasm, a spectacular natural gorge in the MacDonnell Ranges, is 80 meters high and only 4 meters wide. It was named after Ida Standley, the first schoolteacher in central Australia.

Miss Ida was apparently deeply loved by the Aussies because she was non-prejudicial enough to teach not only white children, but also those who were part Aboriginal. Unfortunately, her compassion didn’t extend as far as pure-blooded Aboriginal children. (I guess it’s a process. . . . )

Anyway, Standley Chasm is about 35 miles west of Alice Springs, and worth a visit.

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  1. megsie says:

    its not Ayers rock its Uluru. the Olgas are called Kata Tjuta it is disrespectful to the indigenous owners to call them by their european names.

    • Thank you for pointing this out. Although I wasn’t aware that using the European names was disrespectful, it doesn’t surprise me. In the future I’ll use both names, and hope to be both respectful to the indigenous owners and clear for those who are not acquainted with the indigenous names.

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