Road Trip!

If you like the open road, you’re going to love driving Down Under! We rented a car and headed from Darwin to Katherine—hundreds of miles of open road, dead straight, with no Highway Patrol.

There is no speed limit on the road to Katherine.

Oh, there were signs, all right: white rectangles with a big black zero in the center,  meaning the only limit is whatever you can coax your vehicle to do. Jim opened it up to 130 km/hour, and after that I stopped looking at the speedometer.

If that’s not enough excitement, you can find plenty of wild crocodiles near Darwin before you leave, and experience a rafting adventure in Katherine Gorge at the other end of your trip.

And if any of your traveling companions are the high-minded type, just point out the natural wonders to be seen en route: lush Kakadu National Park, the enigmatic Lost City in Litchfield Park, Aboriginal culture in Arnhem Land, “magnetic” ant hills, local culture at remote outposts, and the undeniable, unassailable, unforgettable romance that is the Australian Outback.

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