Kangaroo at HealesvilleThe wild animal sanctuary at Healesville is a goodday trip from Melbourne. It’s houses native Australian animals displayed in a sensitive environment. (Is there a correct way to display other species in order that humans may be educated and entertained?)

Anyway, we went many times, and really enjoyed it. Here’s our friend Lynn petting a small kangaroo.

You can also see the jabiru, cassowary, dingo, koala, platypus, night heron, nightjar, goanna, wedge-tailed eagle,wombat, echidna,Tasmanian Devil, flying fox, kookaburra, and lots of other cool animals there.

Lots of the animals are out wandering around, so you can see them up close.

Healsville is one of the few places you can see a real, live duck-billed platypus.

How to get there: Go east out of Melbourne on the Maroondah Highway. After driving 50 or 60 kilometers through beautiful countryside, you’ll be there.

You can see the William Ricketts Sanctuary on the way back to Melbourne. It’s not far out of the way; go south from the Maroondah Hwy at Lilydale (you’ll need a map).

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