Family Travel in Australia

Traveling with children? Australia is the perfect destination! From weird and wonderful animals to exciting sports events … excellent beaches to rainforest adventures … pie floaters to “hamburgers with the lot” … you just can’t beat Australia for a fun-filled family vacation.

I know, because I’m an American who lived and worked in Australia for a year, when my son was ten years old. I found Australians to be warm and welcoming, and the country to be much more family-friendly than America. Here are some of the activities you’ll want to consider:

  • Swim the Great Barrier Reef: It’s guaranteed fun in the sun for all ages and abilities. Dive, snorkel,  splash on the beach, or sunbathe. You’ll all get a great, experiential education about one of the seven wonders of the natural world, as well as a first-hand understanding of the effects of global climate change.
  • Take a ride on Puffing Billy: This 100-year-old steam train is still going strong, and runs every day of the year (except Christmas). You’ll travel through lush forests and enjoy panoramic views.
  • Pan for gold: They won’t realize it’s a history lesson, but at Soverign Hill your family can pan for gold, explore an 1850s-era mining camp, and learn about the history of coins at the Gold Museum. Check out Family Night in the museum.
  • Circumnavigate Ayers Rock: Indigenous people consider this sacred ground, so I don’t recommend climbing the Rock, but there’s lots to see in a hike around the base, and local operators provide excellent tours explaining Aboriginal life in the desert.
  • Spot a croc: Kakadu National Park is a must-see. The entire family will enjoy dramatic landscapes, whitewater cascades, and amazing bird life. Remember to keep your arms inside the boat.
  • Cheer at an Aussie-Rules football game. It’s Australia’s most popular spectator sport, and much rougher than the American version. 2008 was the 150th anniversary of the first recorded Aussie-rules games.
  • Raft Katherine Gorge: 13 gorges and 75 miles of bushwalking trails make up beautiful Nitmiluk National Park, where you can whitewater raft, canoe, swim, camp, and hike.
  • Pet or feed a kangaroo and a wombat, up close and personal, at Wombat World in Victoria’s Gippsland. Animal parks just don’t get any better than this.
  • Visit Aboriginal artists in Arnhem land, then try your hand at X-ray painting or dot painting.
  • Lick an ant’s butt: the Australian Green Tree Ant secretes a strong, fizzy, citrusy oil from its abdomen, which you can taste without harming the ant.
  • Climb to the top of the Sydney Harbor Bridge, nicknamed “The Coathanger” for its arched design. The views are spectacular, and you’ll feel like a real adventurer.
  • See an earthworm that’s ten feet long at the Giant Earthworm Museum in the town of Bass in southern Victoria.

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  1. Melissa says:

    we saw a caravan park for lemon tree park on your show but we have been unable to find a site for it,we would appreciate if you could send the website to us please.

    Thankyou melissa and family

  2. Hi Melissa and family,

    Darn; I don’t have a show yet. So I’m not sure what you saw, and unfortunately I’m not able to point you in the direction of that caravan park.

    Good luck, and Happy Caravaning!

  3. Nicholas says:

    hello i just saw whats up down under and i would like to try and see if i am lucky so can you please answer back cause i cant find the place to find it.

    Thank you Nicholas and family

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