DigeridoodigeridooThe digeridoo is the best-known musical instrument of the Australian Aborigines. It’s made from a piece of tree branch (often 3-4 feet long), hollowed out by “white ants” (termites), then finished and decorated by Aborigines. A didgeridoo has one fundamental tone, and is used as a percussive and rhythmic instrument, in combination with singing and dancing.

To play this ancient instrument, you put one end up to your mouth and blow, and — with a little practice — a deep, resonant, reverberating sound comes out.

What’s especially interesting is the technique of circluar breathing … noise comes out constantly because even when the player is taking a breath through his nose, he’s still blowing out with air from his mouth! Traditionally, only men play didgeridoos; if a woman does, she might “fall pregnant.”

Digeridoos are painted with traditional designs: the Rainbow Serpent who made the earth, Kangaroo Dreaming, symbols for people, waterholes, corroborees (sacred Aboriginal ceremonies), etc.

White Man Playing Didgeridoo

White Man Playing Didgeridoo

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