Speakin’ Strine: An Aussie Glossary

Yes, Australians speak English, and no, you will not understand everything they say. You’ll want at least a basic understanding of Aussie terminology before you visit: Shorties: Many Aussie words are shortened from the original English to end in -y, -ie, or -o. This is undoubtedly just to make it difficult for us foreigners to […]

Cooper’s Creek

Prue Hewett’s Cooper Creek Nature Reserve is a World Heritage Area with one of the highest concentrations of biodiversity on the planet. More than 3,000 plant species have been identified here, and more are being discovered each year. It’s also home to some very rare plants, more than 40 of which occur here alone ­ […]



Australia can be a rough country, and visitors, like residents, are expected to take responsibility for themselves. Common-sense precautions are generally all that’s required, but be aware of the following challenges: Kangaroos: In southern Victoria you might find yourself golfing with a kangaroo. Fore! While golf partners themselves don’t constitute a hazard, inattention does. Remember […]

Camping, Aussie Style

Hello Up There! Camping, Aussie-style, is unbelievable; listen to this: My first weekend here Vicki took me down to her family’s campsite in Rosebud. It’s in a big long strip of scrub along a lovely sandy beach, about an hour south of Melbourne. There are hundreds of campers packed together “so tightly that if the […]

Gold Country

Gold Country

We got a long weekend (Labor Day in March!) so packed up ourselves and Austin’s friend Michael, and drove a couple of hours west of Melbourne to Gold Country … Ballarat, Soverign Hill and Ararat. It was lots of fun — similar to our own Gold Country around Sonora and Columbia in California, but even […]

Katherine and Glen Helen

This gorgeous gorge is near the town of Katherine, along the Katherine River, in the northern part of the Northern Territory. Check out the rafting trips offered. Even off season, the area is worth a visit; you can also check out nearby attractions such as the Cutta Cutta Caves, Edith Falls, and the old Elsey […]