What’s Up Down Under began as notes to friends back home, written during the year I lived and worked in Melbourne, Australia. Friends of friends began contacting me, asking for more information, and I began to send stories and photos back to the Yanks, who were eager to hear about my “adventures” working Down Under.

I visited many wonderful places near Melbourne, which is why this site is “heavy” on information about Victoria. But I also traveled to — and loved — Queensland, the Northern Territory, the Red Center, and Tasmania.

Eventually I had some real adventures, and wrote about them. The stories won some awards; Travelers’ Tales published three. You can find Which Way is North, The Truth about Eco-Travel, and Keys to the Outback on the “Stories” page of this site.

You can read more of my award-winning true stories at my personal website: LaurieKing.com

And stay tuned to this site. There are lots more places in Australia I want to see: Kangaroo Island, the Bungle Bungles, Adelaide, Perth, and Broome, the far north.

For now, I hope you enjoy What’s Up Down Under, and that it inspires you to learn more about an exceptional continent, country, and people … and perhaps to visit our friends Down Under.

Laurie McAndish King

Laurie McAndish King

Laurie McAndish King